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Find out who NicDanger is and what he has in store for the midwest and the world!

About NicDanger

NicDanger was born Nicholas Rodriguez in Columbia, MO. His mother is from St. Louis, MO and his father is from Venezuela, South America.

Growing up, NicDanger was seen as a problem child because he was always full of energy. He always had a passion to perform. Starting at a young age, he had aspirations of becoming an actor.

During his childhood, NicDanger’s parents were married but got a divorce because of cultural differences. Both of his parents suffered from mental illness, which would eventually lead to counseling for young NicDanger. One day, his mother had a nervous breakdown and left him at his grandmother’s house and went to California. NicDanger’s father was in his life, but at that time his father worked a lot.

When NicDanger became of school age, he briefly went to a Christian school. Both children and teachers would tell NicDanger he couldn’t read, and for his behavior in the classroom his principal constantly threaten him with physical punishment. Eventually, he was transferred to another elementary school where he tested above reading level. However, NicDanger was bullied throughout elementary school for simply being “different”.

In the 4th grade, he fell in love with writing during a poetry lesson. He began to write uncontrollably which became his release for people to understand his pain. NicDanger was fascinated by the musical genres of hip-hop and rock at this point in his life. He began writing rock/rap songs more and more. His inspiration came from living with his grandmother and listening to her play old 80’s and 90’s music videos constantly. Inspiration also came from watching his uncles dance. While in middle school, NicDanger began to dance heavily. As he grew older, NicDanger’s parents and family members overwhelmingly supported his pursuit of a music career.

In 9th grade, NicDanger started a band Disruptedperceptionz and went by the stage name Another Human. It was a full band and his friend, who he met in 10th grade, would rap in Spanish. NicDanger began promoting parties and networking. He would then use his connections to get Disruptedperceptionz booked.

Little by little the band fell apart, however NicDanger kept writing and over time released music. He would wear a shirt that said, Nick Danger, and the name stuck. He eventually dropped the stage name Another Human and went with NicDanger.

In the midst of it all, NicDanger had a daughter at the age 23. He and the mother of his daughter did not see eye to eye, which eventually created conflict. Later they would split and the year following he met the mother of his son. She would deliver his son a year later. They also did not see eye to eye after the baby was born. NicDanger was put on child support by both of his children’s mothers. This left him to make $4 an hour.

NicDanger’s musical break came when he opened up for Yung Joc. Afterward, he began to do more shows and opened up for artists such as: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Tech N9ne, Riff Raff, and Machine Gun Kelly. He also began writing jingles for more exposure.

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The Bluenote

NicDanger Live with Tech n9ne at the Bluenote HALLOWEEN 2016

With speacial appreances by Jay Da 3rd (Prettyboi beats) & Brandoshis

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